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The Windsor Castle Ambassador Scheme 2014-15

We are delighted to offer pupils of The Windsor Boys’ School the opportunity to become a Windsor Castle Ambassador. In September, Year 12 boys are invited to apply for this role, and following a short presentation, are interviewed by Mr Henderson.

The scheme offers our boys a unique opportunity to build valuable life skills and at the end of the programme, intended outcomes are for the boys to have:

  • Improved their interpersonal skills
  • Explored and practised a range of communication skills with different audiences
  • Enhanced their level of self confidence
  • Practised their creative skills by devising and delivering the outreach project
  • Developed their planning and organisational skills and their ability to work as part of a team


Broadening knowledge

Through the project and by attending royal occasions and other events and visits, they will also have extended their knowledge of

  • Windsor Castle, its history and treasures, and its present-day function as a royal residence
  • The architecture and purpose of medieval castles
  • The Queen and her royal duties as seen through the lens of royal events at Windsor Castle


The Windsor Boys' School - Windsor Castle Ambassadors IMG_2007Our Windsor Castle Ambassadors went to the castle to present to The Governor, Admiral James Perowne, on the their experiences to date. The boys, who have been working with pupils from the Windsor Girls’ School, spoke about their training and delivery of the castle workshop to the local first schools. The experience has seen them develop their communication and presentation skills, as well as their knowledge of the castle and its wonderful history. Over the next few weeks they will all be visiting the first schools to deliver an outreach art project to pupils, which will be a new challenge, but one they are all looking forward to. Look out for details on how this went in a future issue.