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November 27th saw the opening night of the TWBS & WGS joint production of Kiss Me Kate. With Mr Manwaring as Musical Director, Mrs Stafford-Allen as Director and Miss Walter as Stage Manager, a strong cast was needed to tell the story of a rundown theatre company putting on a production of The Taming of the Shrew. With a cast of 80 students, there was no hesitancy in ensuring the musical was going to be a hit. The cast have been rehearsing since July and have given up many weekends to make this another fantastic joint production.

Our cast was made up of students from Year 9 to Year 13 with a students in all year groups being highlighted or having lead parts. Our cast was led by the incredible duo of Fraser Jacobs (Year 11) as Fred Graham and Martha Allerton (Year 13) as Lilli Vanessi, a feisty pair who always go back to each other, no matter how often they fight. These two wonderful students showed their true professionalism, lighting up the stage every time they walked on.

Joseph Bristow (Year 13) played Bill Calhoun and Ellie Lawrance (Year 13) played Lois Lane and became the dynamic duo who made the audience laugh with Lois’ ditsy ways and smile with Bill’s undying love for her. Their charisma and chemistry was unquestionable! Isabelle Walters (Year 13) and Ben Qureshi (Year 12) showed off their vocal skills with the two opening numbers of the musical, showing just how much talent we have at TWBS and WGS.

Our comic relief came from the wonderful gangsters made up of Grace Pearson-Hall (Year 12), Marcus Watson (Year 12) and Kai Cooper (Year 12) who made us laugh out loud with their rendition of ‘Brush up your Shakespeare.’ Nicholas Waddington (Year 12), Max Clark (Year 12) and Oli Bean (Year 13) took on the challenge of the Shakespeare scenes and cracked us up with their over the top gestures and hilarious songs and finally Connor Foligno (Year 13) who played the self-obsessed, womanizer, General Harrison Howell. There are so many more people we could name who, without them, the show wouldn’t have been the same! Well done again to all of our incredible cast!

On behalf of Mr Manwaring, Mrs Stafford-Allen and myself, we would like to thank all of the parents of the cast and crew for their continued support with these wonderful shows we produce and the staff at both TWBS and WGS for being so understanding during our hectic show week.

Miss A Walter