The Sound of Music

Windsor is alive with the sound of music!

The drama studio saw its first ever musical performed this week. Its directors were just 17 going on 18 (members of the Windsor Upper School’s Music Department: Ben Qureshi, Joseph Bristow, Amy Germain, Ellie Lawrance), who took care of those 13 going on 14 (year 8 and 9 students).

You would have to climb every mountain, search high and low to beat Thomas Bennett’s musical direction of the orchestra.  What started as a dream before Christmas and has been lived every day ever since, has been executed with excellent finesse.

Outstanding performances on stage from the lead characters – no music lessons from Maria needed here: they know their Do-Re-Mi, from their Fa-So-La-Te! I loved the drama studio’s stark setting, which allowed the cast to shine, accompanied beautifully by the chorus.  Girls in white shirts with blue satin sashes, seeing year nine singing all the right lyrics, hearing the lines from the story well told, these are a few of my favourite things.

I hope the telegram arrives announcing the Oscars soon! Congratulations one and all!

Mrs H Lawson