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Dear Parents and Carers,

There is a great deal of uncertainty currently in the news regarding the impact that the new Covid variant may have, and you will, I’m sure, also be aware of the impact this is having on schools nationally. While there is no doubt that post-Covid life presents us with certain challenges, I wanted to reassure parents that we are doing everything we can to give the students a complete experience of school life. We have, currently, very few students off with confirmed cases, and our staff attendance remains very high compared with other schools. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff for their resilience and commitment. Things, of course, can change quickly, but we plan to still run the activities towards the end of term that we usually would, and that students truly enjoy; house matches, Christmas dinner and the Carol Service to name but a few. There may be modifications to these to ensure minimal risk, but I will update you on that next week.

Speaking of activities, The Little Mermaid has been a joy this week, and the pleasure it has given to the audiences and the students is a stark reminder of what has been missed over the last two academic years, and strengthens our resolve to keep doing what we do. To those that have come to see the show, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. To the staff who have given up so many hours to ensure that it is able to happen, thank you for your passion for the performing arts and for the students. To all the students who have participated, your enthusiasm, hard work, skill and dedication has been inspiring and I am sure will give you memories that will last a lifetime; forming such memories and creating unbreakable bonds of friendship is such an important part of a positive school experience.

Of course, we must all play a part in ensuring that we are able to remain operating in this way, and I would urge you again to ensure that students have masks in school, and that you join us in encouraging to wear them in communal spaces; this helps keep staff and students safe and reduces the risk. I do not want students to miss out on any education in the coming weeks, and your support with this is very much valued.

Best wishes,


Sean Furness