Headteacher’s News – 2018 07 20

This is my last message of the year, and what a year it has been.  Today we had an assembly with all the students where we highlighted everything that has gone well this year.  English, maths and science talked about all the exciting things they have done to bring an extra dimension to the classroom. We celebrated the year 12 students who have done extremely well by and large in their mock exams with some students showing their potential with a rake of A and A* grades.  We also highlighted the sports success, in particular the cricket and the athletics from this year.  Some students have been wonderful within their teams and helped the school do so well in competitions and matches.  We praised the recent performance of Lord of the Flies in the Studio Theatre, and the excellent end of year upper schools’ concert. This has been a typical term with so much going on both inside and outside the classroom.

I am so proud of all the staff in this school.  They work incredibly hard, with good humour and a real care for the students in the school.  Every single person. Whether they are a teacher, teaching assistant or admin person, they all seem to be trying their hardest to do their best for the best outcomes for all the young people in the school.  I hope all the students know how lucky they are to have such a hardworking and dedicated team of staff working for them.  In the assembly they all gave them a proper round of applause for their work this year and their dedication.

The end of year is always sad in that we say farewell to a number of staff who are moving on to pastures new.  Norma Hughes has worked as an assistant within languages for fifteen years and has helped languages students achieve the best grades they can.  Di Bhardwaj has worked as a teaching assistant for seventeen years and has been a tremendous support to numerous students who have needed additional support in the classroom. And Mr Titheridge, our effervescent deputy head, has been seconded for a year to take over as headteacher at Dedworth Middle School.

Andy Corder, Head of Humanities and history teacher is leaving us after eleven years at the school.  He is relocating to Norfolk for family reasons. He is an inspirational teacher and has contributed so much in so many ways to the school, in the classroom, on the sports fields, in the staffroom, on trips and as a school governor.  He is an outstanding all-rounder, with the most positive and inspirational approach to teaching, as well as having a permanent laugh on his lips and a deep sense of kindness to all people. Mr Corder will be missed by us all.

And we also say farewell and good luck to another amazingly inspirational teacher.  After sixteen years at TWBS Andrew Clark-Maxwell is retiring from teaching after thirty-five years at the chalk face.  He is a brilliant physics teacher who has helped raise physics into being one of the premier subjects in the school.  He has inspired students to found the tremendous physics society which has a massive reputation. He is a talented musician who always helps with musical productions. But above all he is a genuinely kind, giving, and intelligent and interesting person, who quite simply is irreplaceable.  Mr Clark-Maxwell was given a small gift on his retirement in gratitude for his loyal service to the school.

Students were then shown a preview of a wonderful and new promotional video of the school which will go public in August.  It captures the spirit and values of the school perfectly and can be distributed freely to promote The Windsor Boys’ School.

It has been an amazingly successful year on so many fronts, and next year promises to be even better.  Thank you to all the parents who have supported the school, the boys and the staff in so many ways.  Have a good summer.

Gavin Henderson