Headteacher’s News – 2018 07 06

It has been a very busy week at TWBS this week – no sense of winding down for summer at this school!

We welcomed all the year 8 students this week who have secured places at our school for September.  In the last two days they have been with us having an induction experience, with sample lessons, orientation activities, team-building and some cognitive testing.  They come from all over the region and some from new feeder schools.  They look like a very keen bunch, with manners and a desire to start well, be studious, and participate in all kinds of co-curricular activities.  I asked them to begin their TWBS careers well and build themselves a positive reputation, and by the end of the two days it has turned out that they have done it really well. They should be congratulated. We are looking forward to them joining us in September.

Henley Royal Regatta is underway, and on Wednesday the eight performed admirably against a really strong crew from St Edwards School.  Although they lost, our boys did amazingly well to be preselected for the regatta based on their earlier performances in the  season, and they did really well to keep holding on despite the early lead set by their opponents.  This is a crew which will grow in every sense of the word and which is full of potential.  The senior quad has already done well yesterday and today, and after a win against York City and a very mature performance against Westminster School they have made the semi-final, which is tomorrow.  We wish them the best of luck.  Please follow the race which is televised by BT Sport through YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMlWysrA12Y&feature=youtu.be

This week has also seen a number of activities of note. The year 9 trip to the Brecon Beacons is due to return today after some wonderful days and adventures in wales.  The year 9 and 10 athletes who dominated at the district league final on Monday should be congratulated. Other year students have been engaged in a wide range of school-based activities, including rocket-building and multi-sports.  The year 12 students have been on work experience and supporting with induction.  Altogether a very full week and in scorching hot weather, which we hope will continue into the weekend.

Gavin Henderson