Headteacher’s News – 2018 06 22

Next week is a very busy week for TWBS with much going on.  Year 13 have their end of school party on Monday, which marks the end of their time with us.  They have been a lovely year group and should do very well in their exams this summer.  For many they are going on to great universities and studying fascinating courses; for others they are off on a more vocational pathway.  All will be successful in their future lives if they apply some of the broad and decent values they have been taught at TWBS.

On Tuesday we have the honour to host the RBWM cabinet meeting in the evening.  Several of our students who study government and politics will be attending to have their questions answered.  One of the items is about council spending, and another is about the strategic plan for RBWM.  Parents are welcome to attend, if interested in either item, or simply curious to meet the people who make the decisions about our region.

On Wednesday we have our Speech Day, and all are welcome to come and take part.  Students will be given prizes for a range of things, including academic excellence, progress in learning, community contribution, and success in sport and the arts.  Our guest of honour is Bruce Morland, who is Professor of Paediatric Oncology at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and is an old boy of the school.  It will be fascinating to hear him inspire students to achieve the best in their chosen career in the same way he has.  Music will be provided by the Upper Schools’ Music students, and refreshments by the Friends of TWBS.  The school will close at lunchtime to enable preparations.

On Thursday we have signing off day where year 11 and 13 students must return their books and materials, and get signatures confirming they have done so.  This takes place in the morning until 11.00am, so the school won’t be open for years 9, 10 and 12 until first break.  In the current financial climate it is essential to save as much money as possible and avoid waste, so help from parents in getting back text books etc. would be really appreciated.

On Friday we have Sports Day, which is always a very sunny and inclusive event.  For the main part the day is a traditional eight-way competition of young people taking part in athletics to bolster their House’s chances of success. This year we have tried to ensure that all students contribute to the house events and competitions by putting on some less-athletic events that might pass as sport, like chess.  But of course the highlight of the day is the staff vs students relay race.  Students will be able to go and support their house after lunch.

A very busy week ahead!  As always, none of these events, which are so typical of our school, would happen without the dedication of the staff, the enthusiasm of the students, and the support of parents.  Thank you in advance to everyone.

Gavin Henderson