Headteacher’s News – 2018 06 15

The school is very pleased to be hosting a public meeting of the RBWM Cabinet on Tuesday, 26th June at 6.30 pm in the main school hall.  Our sixth formers who study politics, economics and law will be invited to ask questions to cabinet members and have a first-hand opportunity to see democracy in action close up.  Parents and members of the public are also able to attend if they want to as well.  It is great honour to be asked to host this meeting and it creates a good opportunity to create improved partnerships with the RBWM council.

Year 11 and 13 exams are heading to their final week next week, and the students have been a joy in terms of their preparedness and their keenness to do well in the exams.  Some students have actually finished all of their exams today, and they said thank you and farewell to their teachers in the loveliest way.  Next week we run the sixth form induction day on Wednesday 20th where year 11 students who are coming back into our sixth form are given a taste of the sixth form.  They will also be told of the expectations and attitudes needed to ensure that they benefit most from what we now can officially call our outstanding sixth form!

Please be aware that we welcome students from other schools into our sixth form.  If you know anyone who is considering the opportunity of joining our sixth form, they should mail the school directly at mail@twbs.co.uk to make an appointment to visit the school and talk to a member of staff.  Our sixth form is a real possibility for a range of students who are capable of studying for A levels or level 3 BTEC qualifications.  You don’t have to have been a student here to join the sixth form at TWBS.

Thank you in advance to all the parents, staff and students who have signed up to help with the Windsor Triathlon parking this weekend.  As you know it is quite a substantial fundraiser for the school, and your time and effort is really appreciated, and will really make a direct difference to the students in the school. Thank you.

Have a good weekend.

Gavin Henderson