Headteacher’s News – 2018 04 27

The Duke of Edinburgh programme at TWBS is developing in a phenomenal way.  Last weekend and this coming one have seen the biggest number of students ever taking part in the Bronze expeditions, supported by staff from all parts of the school.  Many teachers are now undergoing the formal training for leading DofE activities, which means our capacity will increase for even more students DofE.  Last year we became a designated centre for DofE and together with WGS we are able to organise, run and assess programmes on our own.  The values of DofE are terrific and match the aims of our school perfectly, yet at the same time enable individuals to find themselves and gain confidence and experience in a wide range of situations.  I’d like to thank all those involved in DofE, students and staff alike, but above all thank Mr Gareth Abramson who, as coordinator, has done a fabulous job in the last twelve months and has given up so much energy to the programme at TWBS.

I would encourage year 11 to seriously consider another programme that is similar to DfE in some ways, but which is tailored to students moving from year 11 to year 12.  The National Citizen Service is government funded scheme which aims to develop social enterprise and cohesion amongst young people.  NCS is a 3-4 week experience that helps build your confidence and self-belief so that you can take on anything in life.  Participants live away from home, develop skills and meet amazing people.  It involves a five day outward bound adventure, five days at a university setting and then a community improvement project.  It is highly valued by employers and UCAS and only costs £50!!  Many of our students in the recent past have done it and really benefitted.  It is well worth looking at http://www.ncsyes.co.uk/

Finally, there is plenty to celebrate this week in the newsletter.  Please read the article about two in the boat club who have done exceptionally well recently, on top of success for the whole boat club over Easter.  Bryn Ellery and Julian Van Gelderen are to be congratulated for their achievements, which are due to hard work, personal commitment and plenty of teamwork.  And also read about the first foray into combat for the newly formed Warhammer Club who did extremely well in Nottingham at the Warhammer Schools League.  This was a new venture for the school and the boys and Mr Hayes have done us proud. Will this new club outstrip the Bowls Club for newness, boldness and derring-do?  Let’s see.

Well done to all the boys and staff who are throwing themselves into a vast range of activities so energetically.

Gavin Henderson