Headteacher’s News – 2018 05 25

Today our year 13 students had their last formal day at TWBS.  I say formal, but in fact it was far from it.  It started with some tomfoolery and mess-making, which is being cleared up by some prefects as I write.  But then it led to a lovely tea and cake event involving parents and staff and students sharing thoughts about the last five years and congratulating the students on their dedication to get to this point.  There was a good turnout from supportive parents and an uplifting speech from the Head of Sixth, Ms Lyon.  We all know that some students will be celebrating in a traditional way tonight, but I would encourage them to remember there are still three weeks of exams to go and half term is a really useful time of critical revision.  But, good luck to all and thank you, year 13, for being such a brilliant year group.

There is still a lot going on at school despite the exam season.  Congratulations to all those involved in the successful alumni vs senior students football match, which was really well attended and good fun.  Congratulations to all those students involved in the recent Duke of Edinburgh trips, which proved to be quite challenging in many ways.  Good luck to all our year 10 rugby boys who are in Canada now, flying the flag for TWBS and for rugby itself.  And good luck to all the rowers taking part in the National Schools Regatta today and this weekend, being held at Dorney Lake.  Please go along to support – the boat club will make you feel most welcome and it is genuinely entertaining.

Finally, I’d like to mention  just how brilliant everyone involved in exams has been in the last two weeks.  The students have been impeccably behaved and they have clearly been focused and motivated.  It really suggests that they will get the results they deserve.  It also highlights  that their teachers and parents have been brilliant too, with their preparation, guidance and support.  Everyone needs to take credit for having done such a good job of getting the exam students into such a perfect state.  But I’d like to publicly say thank you to our exams team, very ably led by exams officer Kim Lewis, who have done a superb and professional job of setting up and running  the exams.  It is a massive job and needs nerves of steel and brilliant organisational skills, and we are very thankful to them for their hard work.

Have a great bank holiday and half term break.

Gavin Henderson