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Dining Hall

All food is served throughout the day in the Food Hall

Breakfast:         Served 8.10-8.40 am
Monday-Friday menu: Sausage, bacon, garlic bread, milk yogurts, fresh fruit, free porridge, fruit pots

First Break:           Served 11.00-11.25 am
Mixture of snack items, homemade cakes, cookies, soft drinks, freshly made sandwiches and baguettes

Second Break (lunch):     Served 13.25-13.55
Fresh home cooked meal of the day and pudding, homemade cakes, cookies, soft drinks, freshly made sandwiches & baguettes With all the cooked items, cakes and meals, we aim to provide a varied menu, offering pupils a balanced diet that they will enjoy. All our mayonnaise, cheese and milk is low fat, most of the sandwiches are made from brown bread and we do try to encourage the students to eat healthily. Once a week we provide a curry dish cooked according to the original Indian recipe.

This week’s menu is below (click to enlarge)


Week commencing – 21st January 2019


Week commencing – 28th January 2019