Keith Guthrie, Enterprise Advisor Careers Talk

We were delighted to welcome our new Enterprise Advisor, Keith Guthrie to TWBS last week. Keith delivered an inspiring careers talk to Year 12 Maths pupils, about his career path since studying Maths at University.

Keith, who currently works as Head of Business Intelligence & Reporting at Sainsbury’s, was able to demonstrate to pupils how studying Maths has helped him achieve a successful career and how applying skills learnt in the classroom transfer into the real world. He explained how his knowledge of statistics, a topic many pupils find challenging, has helped him achieve success in all his roles.

Pupils were given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the careers talk and Keith shared his knowledge and gave some excellent advice to pupils. This talk will be followed up a trip to the Sainsbury’s HQ in October for those pupils who are interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Thanks to Keith Guthrie, and to Allison Giles from the Thames Valley, LEP who provided TWBS with this valuable link to a Careers and Enterprise Advisor. We look forward to developing these links over the next academic year.

Ms Lane
Head of Careers