GCSE Science Live!

On Friday 19th January we took 54 separate science students from Year 11 to Oxford for the annual GCSE Science Live. We were lucky enough to listen to five incredible speakers from different fields of science.

Prof Dave Clip spoke about Computer Science and explained the challenges and opportunities facing this field in the future.  He spoke about the sorts of careers that could open up in computer technology and the potential of AI in improving every day life.

Prof Robert Winston spoke about his career in fertility and was more reflecting than pointing forwards from a career point of view. He did, however, speak passionately about IVF and the wonders of artificial insemination.

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock inspired everyone with her stories of not letting her gender, race, dyslexia or social background stop her from becoming a physicist and told us a lot about work being carried out in the field of space.

Prof Alice Roberts spoke about evolution and how we understand what we do today.  Not much of a career focus though.

Prof Andrea Sella was my personal favourite, being very eccentric in his manner and way of communicating his research. He ended by linking his work to global warming and pleading with everyone to consider a career in the field of climate change and electricity generation.

Overall, from a careers point of view, a very productive day and one which has inspired the lads in the sciences.

Mr G Abramson