Under 15 Rugby Report

The under 15 side have had a really strong first half term and turned in some impressive results. Last Saturday they defeated Perins 38-12 in a clinical display of attacking rugby. They then played a quite remarkable match on Wednesday at Sir William Borlase Grammar School in Marlow.

The match started at a breath-taking pace, with an exchange of two tries each within the first 10 minutes. However, Borlase had some really strong individual players and then went on to carve up a startled Windsor defence at regular intervals. The half time score was 42-12 and we were quite shell shocked. However, the boys felt encouraged as they were now playing down a steep slope. The second half was like a whole new game as we battered away at the Borlase defence using strong running in the forwards with Joe Fraser, Lewis Corney and Adam Lawson prominent. The ball was then delivered incredibly well to the backline by Mason Bell, with the zig-zagging runs of Max Wylde causing havoc for the Borlase defence. In that second half we managed to score four tries, converting two. This pulled the score back to 42-36 and we were pushing for the win at the end, only to fall agonisingly short. Joe Fraser scored 4 of these tries with his barnstorming runs.

It was a classic game and the Uno Animo, never give up attitude was shown spectacularly in the second half. After the game, the lads vowed to go unbeaten after half term. With more fixtures, a run in the Natwest Bowl and a Canada tour to come, there is exciting times ahead for this bunch of young men.