Second win of the season for the 1st XI Footballers

On Wednesday 1st November 2017 the 1st XI footballers played round two in their National Cup campaign against one of our local rivals Forest School from Wokingham Berkshire. The match began at a frantic pace with neither side getting the ball under control with their first touch. The game stayed very open for the first 15 minutes with both sides having clear opportunities and both goal keepers making fantastic saves. Windsor then started to string passes together and won a corner. Jack Hall whipped the ball in at some speed and Calvin Barreto headed home the first goal. Forest School started to get frustrated and were committing silly fouls. Jack Hall stepped up to take one of the free kicks in a dangerous place and put it in the top corner. 2-0 Windsor at half time.

The second half was a battle of midfield with a lot of energy and effort being put down and no real outcomes. Forest then stepped up the pressure forcing Windsor to give away a penalty, and a goal, from a late tackle, 2-1. Joe Whiter made some critical saves to keep Windsor in the lead and ‘The Sach’ showed relentless running and determination in midfield keeping the score at 2-1 Windsor, full time. Onto round three!

Men of the Match: Ryan Sachdev and Joe Whiter

Mr Jeffery