Disaster sees TWBS lose to Newlands Girls’ School on the last end

Bradley Harcup playing his first match for TWBS produced a steady performance as Lead, with Charlie Wallace playing Skip.  At 6-5 up, Charlie produced a wonder bowl when two down with his last wood, drawing to within 12 inches of the jack, to take a 7-5 lead going into the last end.  However, the team from the girls school played a great last end piling on the pressure, bowling eight good woods, each very close to the head.  At 4 down Charlie again tried to bowl the winning wood with his last bowl but was just short and the boys dropped a 4.  We are now 3-2 down in the series.  Gutted.

We also had 4 new bowlers try out the game last Friday.  Afterwards I spoke with them and a couple said that they didn’t really enjoy the game as much as the other lads.  My reply, “That’s fine”.  The boys were in shock!  I think they thought I was going to beat them for sinning against the great name of Lawn Bowls since I have been known to speak a little passionately about the game in the past!  But, as I explained to them, it’s great they tried out the sport.  Bowls is not going to be a sport for everyone.  They’ve since decided to stick with their other sports of which TWBS provides many great opportunities to get involved.  Let’s just hope it’s not Xbox!

Mr D Smith