Senior Prefect Team

Welcome from the Head Boy

TWBS - Head Boy 2016-2017

The Windsor Boys’ School, ‘Uno Animo’, One spirit, prominent in the school through the last century, the central ethos and heart of the school. Achieving individually and as a team, with success in all corners, academically, on the sports field, music, art, all of which are examples of the opportunities given, and taken to the optimal standard. Moving school may be a daunting thought, as it was for me when joining in year 9, however after finishing my first year, never have I felt so included in such a welcoming, supporting and encouraging community. It goes without saying that I look forward to my final year in the Sixth Form, however I know I will always miss the outstanding support and opportunities I was given throughout the years. The school strives to support your success in the classroom, and in the countless extra-curricular activities on offer, I encourage you to find what suits you best, whether that would be in the rowing gym in the cold winter mornings, to receiving a gold medal on the national podium, becoming county champions, district champions, playing in the Royal Albert Hall, or simply learning how to cook, and joining the Physics Society. Taking part is the most important, and after finishing my 4th year at the school, I have had opportunities and have taken part in events that I would have never thought of being possible. I hope to hear of your success and achievement at the school in the future.

Will Jacobs - Head Boy 2016 to 2017

The process

Prefect roles become available in year 12.  A handful of impressive boys from each of the eight houses are put forward by their house leader for the Prefect role.  Towards the end of year 12 these boys, as well as any non-prefects, have the opportunity to submit an application for the prestigious role of Senior Prefect.  Those shortlisted are required to have an interview with the Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form.  A decision is then made on which 18 boys will become Senior Prefects.  The allocation of Deputy Head Boy roles and the Head Boy role are also the product of this interview.  The process is concluded with the ‘Head Boy’s Dinner’ in May which marks the hand-over to the new Head Boy and his team of Prefects.

What does it take to become a Head Boy/Prefect?

The first duty of the Prefect team is to positively represent The Windsor Boys’ School.  Therefore, it is crucial to contribute to school life as a member of the lower school.  Display commitment through representation in the sports teams, involvement with the arts and engagement with student clubs.  A Windsor Boys’ School Prefect also requires a strong work ethic so academic focus and attainment is an important part of a successful prefect application.

The structure of the team

Year 12 prefects: The responsibility of the prefects in year 12 is to be a point of contact and support for year 9 students as well as being on duty around the site during break and lunch times.  There are roughly 50 year 12 prefects. Senior prefects: Senior prefects take on greater responsibilities.  On a basic level they are responsible for the seating of boys in school assemblies and the organisation of the year 12 prefects.  However, they also lead new student initiatives, head charity fund-raising events and work to make improvements for the wider student body. Head Boy and Deputy Head Boys: The Head Boy and his deputies meet weekly with the Headteacher and are the point of contact between the Prefect team and the Senior Leadership staff.  They lead the Senior Prefect Team and oversee the year 12 prefects.  Also, the Head Boy speaks at the school open evening and speech day.

My experience

Having decided to support the Berkshire Autistic Society, we have organised several charity days which have raised in excess of £3000.  This has involved mass games of dodge ball, Christmas jumper mufti and three hour ergothon challenges.  The Student Council has been re-booted so that it now regularly acts as a representative voice for the student body.  The Council won a grant of £1,800 which has allowed us to purchase outdoor table tennis tables, football goals and basketball hoops to improve our lunchtime facilities. As Head Boy for 2014-2015, I have really enjoyed the position of responsibility within a school which has given me so much.  I think it is very important that the students are able to contribute to the improvement of school life and this is something which we have been able to do. Nick Chevis