Year 9 Wales trip 3rd to 7th July 2017

Group photo on last day

Last week 55 year 9 students went to Wales for a week of camping, adventurous activities and enjoying some of the best views in the UK. Nathan Longhurst and his group put together an excellent summary of the week:

Well top of South Wales! Dab at the top!

During the trip to Wales, we had the opportunity to take part in many different activities. First of all, we went on a little journey in canoes and saw some beautiful scenery. The next morning, we went gorge walking and had a wonderful time in the water and then doing some big jumps at the end which was a good way to finish the morning. The day after, we played many games in kayaks, with one of the best ones being world domination. In the afternoon, we experienced one of the more daunting activities of the trip with rock climbing. After formulating a plan to get up the wall, we then abseiled back down which pushed some of us to our limits. On Thursday morning, we learnt many life skills in a three hour long, hands on, first aid session. On the final activity, we came to the hike; an eight hour, self-planned, expedition where we had to plan our own route, meet deadlines and provide our own food. Overall, we would just like to say a very big thank you to all the staff who helped with activities

Left to right: Luke O’Hara, Nicholas Zubler and Thomas King

and especially a big thank you to Ieuan for organising the trip. Finally, a big thanks to all the TWBS staff that came with us to make the trip possible.

The young men were a credit to themselves and the school throughout the week with the owner of the company we camped with saying, “During the week the boys fully participated in the activities.  They rose to the expectations set and embraced the challenges posed, many students overcame real personal challenges. All of my instructors commented on them being a ‘good bunch’ and that they were a pleasure to work with”.

On behalf of all the staff who attended this trip I want to thank all the students that came last week, you made it a really enjoyable week for us all and I just hope next year can replicate the success of this year.

Uno Animo!

Mr Fogarty