Year 10 PSE Day

On Wednesday this week, all Year 10 students were involved in a special Year 10 PSE Day.

Instead of following their normal school time-table, students attended a series of talks and workshops, covering  a range of important topics:

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness (presented by the Drug and Alcohol Action Team – DAAT)
  • Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships
  • Emotional well-being and mental health awareness (presented by KOOTH)
  • Teenage Cancer awareness and support (presented by the Teenage Cancer Trust)

These sessions were run by experienced and expert outside speakers and the boys will have learnt a great deal from each session.

The day supports the school’s PSE curriculum and complements the work done in PSE lessons throughout the year.  Alongside the academic curriculum that all students follow, I am sure you will agree that a better understanding of topics such as those above is invaluable; the day will play an important part in a students’ development.

I would encourage you to speak with your son about the issues that they have learnt about as a result of the Year 10 PSE Day and use the links below to explore some of the topics in more detail:

Being a teenager has never been without its difficulties; however, being a teenager in the world we live in today is probably harder than it has ever been and, hopefully, by giving students the knowledge, information and support that they need, as teachers and as parents, we will all be able to assist the boys in making a safe and happy journey towards adulthood.

Mr M J Rooke
Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral) and Designated Safeguarding Lead