TWBS Bowls Society Match Report

Three very close games and one exceptionally good end of bowls at Friday’s Bowls Society.

New bowler Joe Napier stepped up in quality this week beating Owen Davies 5-4 in a very close game.  At 4-4 going into the deciding end, Joe kept his nerve to deliver a great first wood.  Owen had four attempts to play the wood out the head but just missed each time.  Congratulations to Joe on notching up his first victory!

On rink five, Kyle Ferguson and Cameron Pinder played a very tense match. Playing the last end Cameron was 7-4 up and looked comfortable for the victory but Kyle was not to be beaten that easily! Kyle proceeded to bowl all four woods within a couple of feet of the jack, and at four down Cameron was staring defeat in the face.  But cool as you like Cameron kept his calm and bowled third wood, therefore just dropping a two and hence winning the match 7-6.

But the match of the evening involved Charlie Wallace and Fionn O’Neill as they played an inspired Newlands Girls’ School. The boys raced into a 3-0 lead until the wheels fell off and we found ourselves 5-3 down going into the last end. Fionn then played the bowl of the evening drawing a front toucher finishing an inch off the jack. Newlands Girls’ skip Louisa then drew to within two inches, a spectacularly good bowl, and unfortunately Fionn was unable to get the second shot that would have tied the match. The last end was so good that even the club’s coaches got their phones out to take photos of the quality head that had been built! Check out our Facebook page for photos!

So we are now 4-2 down against Newlands Girls’ School but the quality of bowling each week is getting better and better and better! Later in May, when the boys get to meet the Berkshire County U-25 squad they are sure to raise a few eyebrows.  At this rate we may very well have County representation within the next few months!

(Charlie, Fionn and Kyle pictured)

Mr D Smith