Politics, Philosophy and Economics Society

It’s January and the Politics, Philosophy and Economics society has kicked off with a variety of interesting TED style talks with Q&A.

Jamie Jarvis kicked off the year with Belt and Road (The new silk Road). With an excellent analysis of China’s latest economic plan to take over the world. There were many questions from the floor and these were dealt with thoughtfully and insightfully.

Aran Gill considered the controversial topic of “Should we Tax Death?  It was thoroughly researched and an excellent presentation with a couple of interesting questions from the audience.

Last week  the interesting topic of Trumponomics was discussed as there are many misconceptions. The challenge is always objectivity and this was achieved in the presentation. The controversial topic of the wall was raised but the possibility of a renewable energy project seem to pacify the more liberal members of the community.

Boys, if you want to learn about the issues facing humanity then this is the place for you ! - every Friday lunchtime in the Economics room (we resume next Friday 9th February as year 13 are doing their mocks this week).

See you there - bring your lunch.

Mrs G O’Connell