Geography Coastal Field Trip 2017: Hengistbury Head

After a two-hour bus drive from The Windsor Boys’ School, we arrived at Hengistbury Head, Bounemouth with the sun shining on us! We were very lucky with the weather, compared to the other classes that went the following day! We headed to the beach with our fieldwork equipment, which sadly did not include a bucket and spade!

We did a number of different assessments including: field sketches, Longshore Drift surveys, Beach Width measurement, Pebble Analysis, Wave Count, Beach Profile, Questionnaires and Bi Polar analysis!  This would enable us to see how effective the defences were along this stretch of coastline.

Overall this was an extremely educating and interesting trip on the physical and human activities affecting the coastline and helping us to have a better understanding on how effective some coastal defences really are…

Beau Slyfield-Brown