End of Year Update from the Friends of Windsor Boys’

We’ve had a great year raising money for the school! Thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time to help with our fundraising events.    We really do appreciate all of you who have come forward following our pleas for help to man bars, set tables, sort out second hand uniform etc etc!  This year we have managed to raise over £42,000 for school activities.  A big chunk will be spent refurbishing the maths block being completed over the summer, but alongside that we have also supported numerous other activities:

Training for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme
Library furniture
Support for extra-curricular sport
Gym refurbishment
Funds for numerous smaller requests we get from student led school societies and departments.

We look forward to seeing many of you back in September.  Our first event will be welcoming new Year 9 parents on the 15th September at the Windsor Brewery, and then a quiz night on the 13th October.  Look out for our AGM sometime around the beginning of October, everyone welcome - we love new faces and fresh ideas!  And one request if anyone has any connections or owns a local business who would consider sponsoring a table at our Christmas dinner dance please email jackie.cook@yahoo.co.uk for details.

If you haven’t already don’t forget to join us on Facebook (search Friends of TWBS), and make sure you are on our mailing list (email friends@twbs.co.uk) and follow us on twitter @friendsoftwbs

And finally if you are shopping please use this link and raise money for us!  The Friends of The Windsor Boys School - Berkshire Fundraising Ideas

Have a great Summer!

The Friends of the Windsor Boys’ Committee

Jackie Cook (Chair), Clare Warren (Vice Chair), Amanda Gibbon (Secretary),  Patricia Bristow (Finance), Lucinda Mcarthur (Fundraising)