A big win but not enough to hold on to top spot

Kyle Ferguson and Cameron Pinder went into Friday’s match top of the league, knowing that a good result would hopefully keep them above their rivals Louisa and Kira.  Some excellent bowling by both Kyle and Cameron, against a spirited display by Katie and Simran, was too much for their opponents as they took a big 8-2 win.  Both boys seemed to look at each other after the game with a nod of approval, “Job done!”.

However, a victory for Louisa and Kira, and a score line of 10 shots for the girls would be enough for them to take top spot.  “Oh no Fionn, we’re against the girls!” a worried Owen Davies could be heard saying to his bowls partner, and he had plenty to be concerned about!  Such is the ability of these two girls from Newlands Girls’ School that it was as if the boys had lost the game before they took to the green.  Other than a consolation single on the third end the boys were absolutely battered.  It was clear that both girls knew that they needed to score big to go top and it showed.  Playing the last end, the score 9-1 to the girls, and the league tied at the top 29 points apiece, Louisa and Kira knew that just a single shot would be enough to take top spot going into next week’s fixtures.  However, the girls were not content with scoring just a single.  As the last wood came to a halt Fionn O’Neill conceded the end, “Two shots to you then…”.  “Er! No!  It’s three shots to us!” exclaimed Kira.  And she was right!  Kira was not going to be cheated out of another point.  Fionn did not argue.

A disconsolate Fionn and Owen walked off the green from one tough fight straight into another.  There stood in front of them was Cameron and he was not happy!  “You lost by how much?!  Now they’ve gone top of the table!  Argh!”.  Let’s just say, the frosty reception they got from the boys made the recent “Beast from the East” seem more like a hot summer’s day.

And in the final game of the day, Joe Napier and Bradley Harcup took on both Charles Wallace and Jack Whalley.  Charles and Jack desperate for a win decided to switch things up a bit with Charles playing Lead.  Bradley and Joe, knowing that a good win would put them in contention for a top two finish, also switched order with Bradley playing Lead.  Well, the bowling by both Charles and Bradley was truly exceptional.  Some stunning bowling by Bradley was just enough to overcome Charles who bowled brilliantly all game, if only to be so unlucky not to come out on top.  The game finished 6-3 to Bradley and Joe.

And so the league table going into next week is as follows:

With a guaranteed two matches between TWBS and Newlands Girls’ School left to play but a score line of 7½-5½ to the girls, the outlook seems quite bleak for the boys, however there is still very much left to play for in the league.  Next week will likely confirm the top two positions and with Charles and Jack up against Katie and Simran there is also much at stake to avoid the dreaded wooded spoon.

Mr D Smith