Library Facility

Library Facility – The Sir Michael Parkinson Library

Our library has recently undergone a refurbishment and re-stock – with a new web-based library catalogue, modern furniture, new books and a new look, to bring it right up-to-date.  What we have now is a fantastic (albeit small) working library.

It is rewarding to see the library being used by the boys and we are building a culture of reading for pleasure through the library and a number of school based initiatives such as read-a-book Mondays, competitions and other planned events.  Reading for pleasure has been linked to success in all areas of the curriculum and the library wishes to support this.

We try to keep our stock current and look out for new releases – pupils can request books to be added to the ‘wish list’.  The library assistant can and does assist pupils and recommend books to suit their age, reading level and interests.


The library is in the new block adjoining the Performing Arts studio and the ICT classrooms.

Opening hours

The library is accessible all day every day for students in years 12 and 13 to use for quiet study.  For all other students it is open at short break between 11.00 am and 11.25 am and at lunch time between 1.25 pm and 1.55 pm.  It is currently staffed between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm every day.

Lending Rules

Students may borrow up to two books at a time for up to three weeks.  We have no late fines but a fee of £5 will be charged for a book lost or never returned.

We have been lucky enough to receive financial support for the library refurbishment from several organisations and would like to thank the Foyle Foundation, The Friends of TWBS, Waitrose, The Prince Philip Trust Fund and Sir Michael Parkinson.  Sir Michael officially re-opened the library on 24th February 2016.  We wanted to give the library an identity and as Sir Michael was the first person to offer financial support and as a local resident and former parent at the school we felt it only right to name the library after him.


The Windsor Boys' School - Foyle LogoThe Library has been supported by funding from the Foyle Foundation.



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