Key Stage 4

Year 10 Parents’ Information Booklet Introduction

Year 10 Parents’ Information Booklet - Subject information

Year 10 information evening January 2016

Please find details of the Options process and the subject offering below: TWBS - Options Booklet 2016-17 Although every effort is made to accommodate the choices of every student, due to timetabling and staffing constraints, it is not always possible. The following GCSE Options are offered:

  • Arts – Art, Drama, Music
  • Humanities – Geography, History, Ethics & Philosophy
  • Languages – French, German, Spanish
  • Technology – Catering & Hospitality, Product Design, Resistant Materials, Electronic Products
  • Others – Business Studies, Computer Studies, Media Studies, Sports Studies

The following Vocational Options area offered:

  • Btec Business Studies, Btec Sports Studies
  • V Cert Business Studies

For further information on the content of the curriculum of Year 10 and 11 subjects, please visit our Virtual Learning Environment, Firefly, at For further information about the curriculum The Windsor Boys’ School offers, please contact where your queries will be redirected the relevant person. Revision guide overview The curriculum in Years 10 and 11 gives students more choice but within an overall framework that ensures they enjoy a broad and balanced education.  All students follow a common core of subjects and supplement this with up to four option choices. Students are given a free choice of options but guidance is given to ensure that courses are appropriate and the curriculum is broad and balanced.

Subject Periods Periods
English 7 7
Maths 6 6
Science 12 (Triple) 9
IT 0 3
PSHE 0 1
PE & Games 4 4
Religious Studies 1 1
Option 1 5 5
Option 2 5 5
Option 3 5 5
Option 4 5 5
Total 50 50

Please find below details of each of the curriculum areas.