Headteacher’s News – 2018 03 29

We are now officially an Ofsted ‘Good’ school with an ‘Outstanding’ sixth form.  I have emailed all registered parents a copy of the report, and it goes on the Ofsted website on 18th April.

All of the staff and governors at TWBS are delighted with the outcomes and feel it accurately reflects the current level of the school in its improvement journey.  There is so much positivity in the report, highlighting high-quality teachers, well-behaved and motivated learners, and a happy and safe learning environment.  It has been a long wait since the last Ofsted visit, and there are technical reasons for this, but it has been worth it. Below is the summary of the judgements:

Overall effectiveness Good
Effectiveness of leadership and management Good
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good
Outcomes for pupils Good
16 to 19 study programmes Outstanding

What has struck me the most during the inspection is just how much of a sense of community we have here at TWBS.  Our parents were overwhelmingly supportive, and it is great to see so many of their comments in the final report.  Our students rallied to the call and did their very best.  Our teachers kept their cool and performed perfectly.  Our associate staff in so many ways showed their real quality.  Our SLT were prepared and confident.  And our governors were spectacular.  And all the messages of support from all quarters have been overwhelming.  It has been humbling for me as a headteacher to see so many magnificent people swing into action and step up to the mark when it is most needed.

Next term, when the dust has settled, we will start planning for the next three years.  We came very close to outstanding in many areas, so I feel it is an achievable aspiration to believe than we can improve upon this very good overall judgement.

On a different note (no pun intended) the Music Department put on the most magnificent Upper Schools’ Concert this Monday.  There were over 23 separate acts, over 80 students in the orchestra and well over a hundred students taking part, and the whole evening was enthralling and highly entertaining.  It takes me by surprise every time just how good the quality of music is and how diverse the range of performances.  It was a joyous and uplifting event and I want to thank Mr Manwaring, all the staff involved and all the performers from both TWBS and WGS.  A tremendous evening. Thank you.

Today we held a celebration assembly to honour the students who have achieved so much this term.  We had students from Media, ICT and Physics being congratulated.  We had athletes from swimming, Judo, Rugby sevens, Hockey, Rowing and Football all being reported for their achievements and successes this term.   We thanked the outgoing Head Boys, Jude Compton-Stewart and Jamie Jarvis and their team of senior prefects for all they have done, and introduced the new team to the school, led by Head Boy, Matt Tebbit, and Deputy Head Boys, Ferdy Cleare and Brad Birchmore.  We ended with a rousing performance from the big band.  For the rest of the day students are unwinding with some healthy competition in their House Competitions.

I sincerely hope the Easter break goes well for everyone and that the examination students get the right balance of quality revision and relaxation.

Gavin Henderson