Headteacher’s News – 2018 03 02

Veni, vidi, decrevi.  Ofsted have come, inspected us and made a judgement. Unfortunately, due to their moderation process, we don’t actually know the outcome for three to four more weeks.  We have to be patient. Trust me, I will share this with you all as soon as I know.

The inspection team were all fully qualified Ofsted inspectors and either former Headteachers or serving ones. They were very professional, very courteous but also very thorough, seeking evidence and triangulation of everything we do.  I would like to thank all the staff, students, parents, governors and other supporters of the school for their roles this week.  Senior staff have been on their toes meeting with inspectors and responding so well to requests for information. Teachers and other staff in the school have been brilliant, cheerful and very keen to show the visitors just how much we have improved in the last four years. The students have been the very best example of the strengths within the school, both in lessons and in meetings.  The feedback on parentview was ‘overwhelmingly positive’ and so I must thank all of you for being there for us when we needed you. And finally my thanks to the governors who have been through this Ofsted-waiting game for many years now.  Without a doubt, it was a massive team effort, which is so typical of TWBS, and which says so much about the community in our school.

But just when we thought we could relax after the inspectors had gone, the ‘beast from the east’ descended and threw us into an unusual situation of having to close the school.  It is never a decision a Headteacher wants to make lightly, but it became obvious by Thursday evening that we could not open safely on Friday.  It was not normal, but I think we haven’t seen weather like this for many years.

I am pleased to see that the school is listed in this week’s edition of Country Life magazine where they have a big feature on ‘Britain’s best schools’ including an article entitled ‘Where talent can flourish’ - many schools shine far beyond the core curriculum. Sport has never been better taught, for instance, and there are several other areas-from the performing arts to debating-in which certain schools lead the way.  And it is fantastic to see The Windsor Boys’ School is featured with respect to rowing, mentioning our high quality coaching, our everyone-welcome policy and, of course, the recent win at Henley. It’s great to see the school recognised in this way.

Yesterday parents received notification of school placements for September 2018 and it is good to see our numbers are similar to last year.  Interestingly, because we have officially been granted a larger school roll in preparation for a demographic increase in 2020, we have extra places available for this September 2018. If you know any families who might be interested in this fact, please ask them to get in touch with the school and we can arrange a visit.

I sincerely hope you all have a pleasant, warm and safe weekend.

Gavin Henderson