Headteacher’s News – 2018 02 09

Our Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review has agreed with our own self-evaluation that we are a ‘good’ school.  Three weeks ago a team of senior staff from other schools led by an Ofsted Inspector carried out a review of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Outcomes for Pupils, School Improvement Strategies and Areas of Excellence.  After careful scrutiny of many elements, they estimate where we might sit for each area against loose Ofsted criteria.  In all four areas we were estimated to be ‘good.’  Which is enormously pleasing for all the staff and students in the school who work so hard in so many ways to maintain standards despite ever-dwindling resources.

They reported on the harmonious nature of the school and the good relationships between students and staff. They said that students enjoy their learning and in the sixth form there are excellent outcomes and facilities for learning.  They praised both the academic skills of the staff, and their ability to create lessons that support all kinds of learners.  They were complimentary on many levels of detail about our exam results and progress measurements at both key stages.  And they revalidated our areas of excellence as being the Maths department and also the extra-curricular programme which helps students engage with their learning.

There were several pointers to things that could be even better, especially if we are going to progress to an ‘outstanding’ rating, but none of those were things that our SLT didn’t know about already and have on our own agenda for school improvement.  Please read the whole report at your leisure, which can be found here

The U18 Football team deserve our massive congratulations for doing so well in the national schools FA cup tournament and reaching the quarter finals.  I know they are all very disappointed to have lost, but to be in the last eight teams in the country and hold the opposition to a nil-nil draw at full time is an amazing achievement.  We always knew Millfield were the team to beat, and the match could well be the decider of the whole tournament.  The boys have shown huge resilience in the past, showing their ability to bounce back after a set-back, and I am sure they will find that strength again to continue their campaign in other competitions and tournaments. But, well done to all the players and coaches; you have made us all very proud again.

It is now half-term and everyone deserves a well-earned break.  The majority of students have worked very hard this term and they should take time to rest and recover and refresh, ready for the next half term. Those doing exams should take the time to begin their revision, especially year 11 who have mock exams almost as soon as they come back.  I’d like to publicly thank all the staff for working so hard and consistently this term to further the opportunities for the students.  I sincerely hope they have a good break and get ready for the next half term too.

Gavin Henderson