Headteacher’s News – 2018 01 26

On Thursday this week we hosted all of our school governors for the day, which we do every year.  This Governors Day provides our hard working and dedicated team of governors the opportunity to see the school in action first hand and to meet with a wide range of people within the school.  They visited lessons, met with students from different year group, learned  about the key daily operations and also met with the full range of staff.  On one level they were ensuring that they were fully informed about the realities of the student experience at the school, but on another they were  making sure they are approachable and visible to the staff and students.  I think they succeeded on both levels.  They will feedback to me and the Senior Team next week at a governors meeting, which is always helpful. The governors are an invaluable team of people who contribute so much to the growth and development of the school, and who help me and SLT strategically manage the fortunes of the school.  We mustn’t forget that they are all volunteers who give up so much of their time and energy, and I am extremely grateful for their visit yesterday and generally for being so dedicated to the future of the school.

Congratulations to the first XI football squad.  Their march to FA cup glory continues apace with a smart win this week against Wilson’s School. The next fixture is the quarter final and it will be a tough one away, but then this squad know all about tough matches. Here’s wishing them all the best of luck.

As always it is a busy time for the school.  As you can see from this edition of the newsletter all the sporting fixtures,  extra-curricular and educational visits are still going strong; but we also now have the pressure starting to ramp up for year 11 and 13.  Following on from the outcomes of the year 11 mocks, staff are identifying students in need of a boost and targeted additional classes.  And we have year 13 mocks taking place in a week’s time, which, in a similar way will give everyone some critical insight into areas for improvement or revision.

In the last two weeks we have had visitors in the school meeting with students of all ages and abilities.  All of the visitors have remarked how happy our students are and how well they engage with the school.  It has always been our aim to ensure that student well-being is high, so it is pleasing for it to be reported back to us.  We all know how much pressure teenagers are under from all directions, and how vulnerable many of them are to exam pressure, and how hard life can be generally for a young person with social media invasion 24 hours a day.  Therefore it is very important to us at TWBS to have a balanced approach  which focuses on academic progress, healthy activity and emotional well-being equally, avoiding prioritising one at the expense of the other.  We know from talking with parents that the same message is given at home, especially as the exams season approaches.  However, please do not hesitate to contact our student services team if things are not what they should be, or if we can help in any way to ensure your son’s continued happiness.

Gavin Henderson