Headteacher’s News – 2018 01 19

This week we hosted a Quality Assurance Review from our Challenge Partners Network.  Four senior leader reviewers led by an Ofsted inspector spent three days in the school scrutinising our data, observing lessons, interviewing leaders and teachers, and listening to students. They were very rigorous and very challenging, but professional and courteous at all times.  They worked with our senior leaders to review the key sections of our own Self Evaluation, picking holes in it where appropriate and praising it where it was due.

We are waiting for the official report to come back with all the details and the final estimates of where they think we are in our school improvement journey.  Last year in the same exercise they confirmed our own self evaluation as ‘good’, and we are optimistic that it will be the same again this year.  One of the key elements of the process is that we will get some very incisive indicators of areas we need to focus on to secure further improvement at The Windsor Boys’ School.

I will let you know the final outcomes as soon as I have the report, but at this point I would like to thank all the staff and students who were directly involved.  The reviewers were particularly impressed by the professional dedication of the teachers and the passion the students had for their learning and their school. Well done everyone.

Gavin Henderson