Headteacher’s News – 2017 12 08

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at The Windsor Boys’ School, as we had our first Carol Service rehearsal this morning and the Christmas trees were delivered at the front of the school ready for people to collect them at the end of the day. And there was a little flurry of snow!  As many of you know the carol service takes place next Friday and marks the start of the Christmas break for everyone.  This is a tremendous occasion and the school is very proud of the enthusiasm of the boys, and the whole atmosphere of the event.  It truly reminds us of the wonderful sense of community we have in the school and within Windsor itself.  The Carol service has become so popular that we run  the same service on the Thursday evening, which is aimed at families, friends and those that can’t make the one in the day.  I do hope you will all be able to come to one of the other.

Today also is the last day of Mock Exams.  Teacher now start marking like fury and analysing the papers so that students receive high quality feedback, and know exactly what gaps there are in their learning, and what exam techniques they need to brush up on.  For many subjects this year they are moving to a new 1-9 grading system, which will provide a high degree of challenge for them, when deciding the grades for the mock appears.  But our teachers are experienced, well trained, well qualified and very cooperative, and so I am confident that the outcomes of the mock will be really helpful to students and teachers alike.  I would like to praise the boys in year 11 for their excellent conduct in the exam hall…sometimes boys underestimate the need for very discipline and rule-following, but this year they all got it right.  We have a very good exams officer, Ms Lewis, who has pulled together an excellent team of invigilators, who have done a superb job in this series of exams. Well done to all.

Last Saturday was the annual fundraiser, the Uno Animo Dinner, which was a resounding success.  It was plain to see that our parents and visitors were having a really good time and donating money for the school at the same time.  I am constantly amazed at how supportive our parents are and how generous they are.  I’d like to thank the three main organisers of the event, Kate Bennett, and Sarah and Martin Stanford, who did an amazing job and truly deserve everyone’s thanks and congratulations.  I would encourage any parents of younger students who are interested in helping out with fundraising or working with the PTA in any way, large or small to contact Amanda Gibbon at agibbon@twbs.co.uk.

The last match of the rugby season took place this week, with the historic ‘grudge match’ against Eton College.  It was well attended by parents and boys who very much wanted TWBS to win.  Unfortunately our boys took a while to warm to the occasion and lost the first half, but showed their true colours and skill in the second half, winning that half very convincingly.  Sadly the damage was done, and Eton came away as winners.  As always it is pleasure to see our first XV play: they are skilful, determined and have great teamwork, both in attack and defence.  Their attitude is tremendous.  A great game. Well done.  I’d like to thank everyone involved in Rugby this term.  The parental support on Saturday mornings has been superb and one boy described it being like belonging to a big rugby family!  The coaches are excellent and extraordinarily committed: Mr Gregory, Mr Paul, Mr Baggett, Mr Jeffrey, Mr Abramson, Mr Andrews, Mr Wilson, Mr Dodd and our recent NZ import, Mr Skevington. Thank you to everyone else involved as well. Rugby at TWBS has been picking up again in recent years and I’m already looking forward to seeing it grow even more next season.

Finally, we held another #HOTCHOCFRI today, to celebrate those boys who get it right day in day out, who quietly and effectively manage to work hard, play hard and support the school in so many ways, and who often go unrecognised or unrewarded.  I shared a yummy mug of hot chocolate, marshmallows and cream with several boys who were recommended by staff.  They are really inspirational young men and a credit to the school and their families. They are: Oliver Pilbrow, Zakir Corsie, Joe Willcock, Matthew Gibbons, Harry Bodkin, Aaron Fogg, Alfie Kinghorn, James Wingrove, Joseph Bartlett, Finlay Chandler, Reuben Chevis, Hasan Ahmed, Ben Knapp.

Gavin Henderson