Headteacher’s News – 2017 11 24

Last Friday we started an initiative called #HotChocFri, Hot Chocolate Friday with the Head, which celebrates the many consistently diligent students we have at TWBS. Too often all the public praise goes to the super talented and high performing students, or the students who have shown improvement from a poor position, and we can overlook those students who consistently get it right, who have never dipped, and who are model students.  These are the boys who can be relied on to hand their homework in on time, who show manners and respect all the time, and who try their very hardest in lessons. These are the boys who gain the respect of their teachers and who are good reliable friends. They are the steady unsung heroes who do everything asked of them with a smile and a will-do attitude.  Last Friday these young men were invited to share a hot chocolate with me as a thank you for the all their diligence. They deserve our praise and recognition because they are the engine room of the school.

They are:

Anoop Matharu
Tom Phillips
Sasha Lim
Emmanuel Wanyiri
Teddy Greenwood
Liam Atkins
Oscar Frobisher

We plan to make this a regular occasion every two or three weeks, so that all the really brilliant, hard working and unassuming students can get the recognition (and a huge chocolate fix!) that they deserve for consistently doing a good job.

Please enjoy this week’s news items.  It is amazing to think, as we are about to launch the year 11 mocks, that our hardworking staff and students are still doing and achieving so much in so many fields. The commitment is amazing from all quarters.  I am very much looking forward to seeing Beauty and the Beast on Friday, the final night.  I know many of you have seen it already and I have been told how good it is by so many smiling people.   The collaboration of both upper schools, the students and the staff, has always produced good outcomes and a jolly good show.

Gavin Henderson