Headteacher’s News – 2017 11 17

As part of national anti-bullying week we were privileged this week to have assemblies delivered by old boy Dean Amasinger, who is a MMA champion, and who is now part of the England Rugby coaching squad.  Please read the review of his assemblies and his very motivational presentation.  There was a great deal of discussion in classrooms and at break times about what he said and believed.  Without a doubt he presented all the students with some key messages about success and happiness in life, and how to overcome difficulties and the opposition of others.  I genuinely hope we will hear more from him in the future.

As we get closer to the exams in the summer, pressure is mounting in year 11 and year 13.  It is mock exam season, we have held both year 11 parents evenings, and now assemblies are being given to help motivate and support the students.  I would encourage parents to play their part too, by helping their son to see the big picture and understand the significance of external exams and qualifications.  There is more to an exam grade simply than being a description of what a student knows in a particular subject – many young people don’t understand this: we know, as adults, that a certificate with good grades all over it shouts out that this student is reliable, consistent, punctual, cooperative, respectful and interesting; it shows that a person is determined, resilient and strategic; it shows they are organised, intelligent and able to work independently; and it shows they can work with success in an institution, respect its systems and thrive in its environment.  And these are all values and skills that employers and universities want, and which we promote daily across all year groups.  There is more to good GCSE and A level results than access to the next steps – these grades last for life and will repeatedly be put on job applications and CVs.  Nobody can be sure when their career may change, or when they may need to use qualifications they thought were superfluous. A good set of grades that properly reflect a person’s true ability is a passport that can be whipped out again and again.  Please encourage your son to understand the significance of achieving their very best in every single subject.  I am sure every parent’s own life experiences will be a good platform for such a discussion.  I am convinced, yet again, that if all the adults in a young person’s life are saying the same thing consistently, then the message is unavoidable.

It has been a busy week again, with success in various  sporting and academic arenas.  Students from TWBS and WGS displayed their brilliant artwork in the phenomenal Windsor Art Fair last weekend. The physics society produced another high profile academic for their meeting, and links with Eton were pursued through Law. But particularly noteworthy are the achievements of the Austen brothers in international judo, which is quite something, and also the newly formed Bowls Club, which is something else!  This weekend we have another full fixture in Rugby down at Stovell on Saturday morning – do please come and support if you can. And we also have our swimming team competing at the London Aquatics Centre where the 2012 Olympics were held.  Good luck all.

Gavin Henderson