Headteacher’s News – 2017 11 03

Thank you to all students and parents who came to our Sixth Form Open Evening last night.  It was the best attended yet, with many parents and students finding out about what we do here and what the multitude of courses we run actually entail.  As was explained at the evening we provide a very supportive learning experience for students in a familiar school setting.  We make no apologies that we are a traditional sixth form with traditional values – we expect students to commit to the school, to respect themselves and their teachers and to contribute in turn to the life of the school in the broadest sense.  We know this prepares them well for university entrance or high level traineeships.  It was wonderful to hear two year twelve students talk about the benefits of being in the sixth form here, ranging from high quality, caring teachers through to great facilities and spaces to study.  This year we are already benefitting from the newly integrated sixth form with Windsor Girls’ School, which has enabled us to extend our range of courses whilst other places are trimming theirs.  We are also hugely aware how much the sixth formers are benefitting from the refurbishment with upgraded study area and canteen facilities.  Please be aware that the WGS sixth form open evening is on 16th November and will allow students to meet teachers of courses that are run there.

Please enjoy the sport that is being reported in the newsletter.  The footballers are making good progress in the national cup, with much to live up to, and still a long way to go.  And the rugby season is well underway with successes and highlights.  But it is worth noting that the school now has its very first competitive Bowls squad, and has played some fixtures, and next week will play a team from the metropolitan police.  In TWBS we can honestly say that we have the widest variety of sport and physical activity to appeal to an ever expanding range of students.

Beauty and the Beast tickets are selling fast.  Make sure you get yours soon and avoid any disappointment.  It looks like over one and half thousands people will be able to come and see the show, but we may still sell out.  Rehearsals are a joy to hear as they take place all over the school.  I know that the students and staff, under Mr Manwaring’s inspirational leadership, are now working very hard with all day rehearsals and weekend sessions.  It promises to be a rare treat.

We are blessed to have a very active and supportive PTA and Friends group who give so much to the school and the students in it.  This week we have attached another first, the very first PTA newsletter. Please do have a look at this inaugural newsletter from the Friends of Windsor Boys’ School which is attached.  It highlights the many different ways to support the school – and bluntly, without the support of parents with fundraising, so many activities in the school would have to fold and we would simply be an ordinary school that shuts at 3.30pm and turns the lights out.  I am sure that this is not what anyone wants. One of the easiest ways to help is to engage with the Tesco Bags of Help scheme which will particularly support extra-curricular sport. Thank you so much to the parents who pulled this newsletter together.

Finally, I know I don’t have to remind you as parents, but can you please talk to your son about two features of safety.  Firstly, safety on the road;  especially, cycling to school in the dark during rush hour.  As well as being visible and having lights, students must follow the rules of the road and cycle in any way that won’t endanger other people.  This includes cycling on pavements and no-cycling areas.  The local police are clamping down on dangerous cyclists.  Secondly, I know many boys will be interested in the thrills and delights of Bonfire Night, but fire and explosives are fundamentally  dangerous.  The police have written some advice for our newsletter.   Can you please discuss these with your son.  Many thanks for your support in these matters.

Gavin Henderson