Headteacher’s News – 2017 06 16

Our network of former students, old boys and alumni is of great value to the school and a great deal of work is underway at several levels to engage this diverse and talented group of individuals with each other and with the school.  Last night was a very successful gathering of old boys connected by James Skowronski held at the school, which included an update on the plans for the alumni network, current activity in the school, a tour of the school and a few summertime drinks….or probably more than a few!  It is hoped that there will be many more such gatherings.  Already there is a growing and better connected network of students of different generations who are using social media and meet-ups to revive old friendships and reconnect with former classmates.  It is clear that TWBS has an extensive network of many networks.  Our aim over the next twelve months is to pull all the information and contact details together in one place so that it is easier for old boys to find each other, read about what everyone is now doing and to know about events and gatherings that are coming up.  Please encourage anyone you know who is an old boy to reconnect using LinkedIn, Facebook or the school website. There are already over 1000 old boys in the Facebook group, - almost 500 old boys in the LinkedIn group and many hundreds following the alumni newsletter which you can sign up to by visiting www.twbs.co.uk/alumni

Please enjoy this newsletter and all the links to the individual stories. As you will notice it is business as usual, despite being in the thick of the exam season, with a heady mix of co-curricular success, academic improvements and developmental trip and activities.  I am regularly amazed how energetic our school community is and how our staff, students and friends engage in such a diverse range of fulfilling activities.  Please make sure you follow us on twitter @TWBS to get the latest stories.

This weekend is the Windsor Triathlon, which is a big fundraising event for the school.  We provide an invaluable service to the international event by providing hundreds of car parking spaces for athletes and supporters.  However, we benefit as a school by raising a very significant amount of money.  As you may know, for this to survive and fundraiser to be successful we rely on dedicated parents, teachers and students to provide the car parking marshalling. And for this donation of time and energy I am extremely grateful.  Those of you who are planning to support us this weekend, need to know that you will be directly supporting the educational provision of all students in the school – the money raise this weekend will go to equipping the new refurbished maths block with decent equipment and furniture to support the idea it will be a centre of excellence for maths in the region.  In advance of the weekend I’d like to say a sincere thank you to all.

Gavin Henderson