Headteacher’s News – 2017 06 09

Many many congratulations to the senior quadruple scullers who won the prestigious championship quads national title for the first time in over 20 years at the National Schools’ Regatta.  On top of that our two GB rowers also won the gold medal in the double sculls championship.  Not only is this an amazing achievement for the boys and the coaching team, which can never ever be taken away from them, but it also highlights several other achievements. Firstly the aspiration of the boys over many years to aim for and achieve the highest awards, realising that it takes hard work, resilience and the ability to be taught (the real meaning of the word discipline). Secondly the utter dedication of the parents and supporters of the boat club who have contributed so much for so little in return and whose efforts have often benefited other children not just their own.  And thirdly the leadership of the boat club that has steadily and resolutely expanded the membership of the club, increased numbers amongst the older students and encouraged both participation and performance. Mr Wilkinson is an amazing asset for the students in the school, and we are so privileged to have a national level coach working for TWBS and helping the rowers of all levels achieve so much.  And all against a back drop of dwindling investment in sport in state schools and certainly in rowing, and an obsession with league tables being the only measure of a school’s success. In this arena our school and our boat club competes with and outperforms some of the best schools in the country. Well done to everyone in the boat club. I am very proud and grateful for everything you have achieved. We hope there is more to come!

Similarly it is great to see that one of our top performing subjects at GCSE and at A level, media studies, is going from strength to strength. Six nominations for awards in the Media Magazine Annual Awards is unprecedented.  We wait with baited breath to see what happens in the final event.  Please watch out for the annual ‘Oscars’ at the end of term where students will be able to show-case their work to friends and family.  Many thanks to Ms Connell for all her hard work and dedication to the A level students.

Next weekend is the Windsor Triathlon event and the school supports it by offering much needed car parking for the athletes and visitors. However, it is also one of our biggest fundraisers for the school, making almost £12,000 in one weekend.  The sign of a good school in today’s economic climate is one that capitalises on its assets, by making the facilities and the land bringing in revenue.  We provide sports and venue facilities all year round, and we supplement our income quite significantly.  This is extremely useful when we are trying to improve rather neglected facilities and bring the schools buildings and infrastructure into the 21st century.  Last year the funds went to support the purchase of a much needed IT server system. The year before it enabled the library to be re-born.  This year it will help replace old equipment and upgrade the interactive whiteboards in the new maths block. All students benefit from the money raised and will do so for many years to come.  However, we really do need parents and students to volunteer to give a little bit of their time to help supervise the car parking activities.  If you are able to, please support the school in this way – it has an amazing impact for a small contribution of time.  Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help.

Gavin Henderson