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School Address

The Windsor Boys’ School
1 Maidenhead Road


Contact Details

T: (+44) 01753 716060
F: (+44) 01753 833186

Main entrance to the school is in Vansittart Road (Opposite Oxford Road)

Other Text


If your child is absent please phone the school line above giving your son’s name, tutor group and the reason for the absence.

Emergency Closure of School Procedure

In the event that the school should close, please check if the school will be operational in the first instance by checking The Windsor Boys’ School Website which will display information on the Home Page.

Please note that the school will remain open unless you are specifically informed otherwise.

School Contact

The member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public is :
Mrs Celia Blockley
Headteacher’s Personal Assistant


For Parent/Guardian Communications/Queries please click below: