Year 11 pupils attend an apprenticeship event at the O2 headquarters

To mark the end of National Apprenticeship Week 2018, I took a group of Year 11 pupils to an apprenticeship event at the O2 headquarters. The boys were given a tour of their rather swanky building and were impressed by the offices, the gym, the pool table, the table tennis tables and the choice of food and drinks available – it was a bit of an eye opener for them!

I’m pleased to say they were also really impressed by the event which gave them the opportunity to talk to current apprentices who are working at O2 in a variety of roles, from Digital Marketing and Sales, to Business Admin and Accountancy. Learning about apprenticeships from young people who have chosen this career path is extremely valuable as it provided pupils with the opportunity to ask questions about the roles, how to apply and the interview process.

What was most pleasing about this trip was the feedback from the boys:

  • “This trip has given me a feel for the future and given me an aim”
  • “One thing that I took away was the skills and traits to use in interviews and also the use of body language. I am going to go home tonight and apply”
  • “One thing I took away from today is a clearer insight into what I could do for an apprenticeship and I am very interested in applying for the digital marketing and business administration roles”
  • “I learnt about the apprenticeships and what each level means and I also learnt what it is like to work in a business like O2”
  • “Attending the trip today made me realise the apprenticeships I could apply for and I’m really interested in working for O2 now”
  • “I learnt what it is like to do an apprenticeship and how to apply”

I am hoping to have the opportunity to take more boys out on similar trips as we continue to build links with businesses in our local area.

Ms Lane
Head of Careers