Dean ‘The Renegade’ Amasinger, ex Windsor Boy, delivers an inspirational assembly

It is always a delight to welcome back ex Windsor Boys to school, and this week Dean Amasinger returned to TWBS. Dean shared the story of his journey from school, to Uni, to professional MMA fighter. He shared details about the challenges he faced along the way, including his experiences of bullying and he gave valuable advice on how to deal with bullies, which tied in with Anti-Bullying week 2017.

Dean then spoke about the five things he would have told his younger self:

The messages were slightly different to those the boys might normally hear, but looking at the faces of pupils, it was clear to see they were engaged in Dean’s talk and testament to that was the number of boys who spoke about the assembly during the course of the school day.

Dean now coaches the England Rugby Team and has kindly offered to run some training sessions for our players - our future opposition had better watch out!

Ms Lane, Head of Careers