At The Windsor Boys’ School we strive to provide our boys with relevant careers information, advice and guidance throughout their time at the school.  Each year group has specific needs and we plan our support to meet these needs.

Career paths are changing and there are a wide range of opportunities available to young people and we aim to equip our boys with the skills, knowledge and information to help them make informed decisions at each stage of the planning for their future careers.

Year 9 – Key Stage 4 Option Choices

During the spring term all year 9 pupils are guided through the options process where they choose which subjects they would like to study at Key Stage Four. This can be quite a confusing time as they have the opportunity to study new subjects, such as Business or Media, and they don’t know anything about these subjects.  To help with this process we invite all parents and boys to an Options Evening, held at the school, where boys can visit all the subject areas and discuss the content of the course with the subject teachers. Form tutors also provide support and guidance at this time and together with the subject teachers, help all our boys to make informed choices based on their individual interests, skills and strengths.



Year 10 – Work Experience

Work experience for all Year 10 boys usually takes place during the first week in July.  It is part of the PHSE programme followed by all the pupils of the school and can greatly help towards easing the social adjustments that come with the change from education to work.  It may also aid the choice of a suitable career, but its primary aim is to provide a work experience, not necessarily a career experience.

In the course of the week it is intended that the boys should improve their employability skills by developing greater self-confidence and both practical and social skills.  The students learn about the world of work, how a work place is organised, company policies such as health & safety, equal opportunities and many other things that are not easily learned in the classroom.

The Annual Work Experience Programme:

The work experience programme is launched at an assembly in November when boys are given application forms to complete.  The forms require the boys to list the type of placement they would prefer and ask about their ability to travel. A significant number of boys each year find and arrange their own placements.  For these placements to be authorised a second form has to be completed.

Work experience placements are arranged by the Learning to Work organisation which is responsible for completing health & safety checks on all places of employment before giving authority for each placement to take place.  In January each boy has a short interview with the Learning to Work Project Executive responsible for the Windsor Boys’ School programme.  This executive also attends the Year 10 Parents’ Evenings in the summer term when parents may ask questions or raise issues they may have concerning their son’s work placement.

Work experience Placement Information Sheets giving details of the work placements allotted to each boy are issued to the boys in the first week of June.  At the same time each boy is given a log book for completion during his work experience placement.  These log books also contain report sheets for eventual completion by the employer.  These reports can prove very useful to the boys as references and are filed with each boy’s documents at school so that they may be available to the boys in future years.  During the work experience week each boy is visited by a member of staff to check on the progress of the placement.

The Work Experience Coordinator at school is Mr East and all matters concerning the Year 10 work experience programme may be directed to him.

Learning To Work


What are my options at the end of Year 11?

This might not be a question at the forefront of your sons’ minds at the moment, however the autumn term is a key time to start thinking about what they would like to do after sitting their GCSEs.

The range of opportunities and choices for young people has grown considerably and it is advisable to research all these options in order to make the right choice.

The first step this term is to visit local college open days/evenings and a list of these, together with website links can be viewed by this line TWBS - College Open Evenings 2018

Please note the Windsor Boys’ School Sixth Form open evening is Thursday 5th November, 7pm- 9pm.

Before attending these events it would be a good idea to visit some careers websites that provide valuable information about the different pathways and types of qualifications, including apprenticeships and I would recommend the following:

If your son is unsure about which subjects to study Plotr is a great site to visit in order to match their interests and strengths to specific careers:

Going forward we will be inviting industry speakers and careers experts in across the year to help give the boys an insight into specific industries and for those who are considering the apprenticeship route we will be visiting the Berkshire Apprenticeship Fair in April.  In addition, during National Careers Week in March, we will host our own Careers Fair.

On a day to day basis, if your son has any questions he can email me: or speak to his form tutor/PSE teacher.

Mrs Lane, Head of Careers

Progression Interviews

The Senior Leadership Team conduct ‘one to one’ interviews with each pupil in year 11 to discuss their individual performance, post 16 options and their future ambitions. These discussions allow students to ask questions about the school’s sixth form, college applications and suitability, plus initial thoughts on university. It also allows the school to plan for the next academic year, seeing what subjects have been provisionally chosen, plus the number of potential student that we may have next year. The students enjoy this opportunity to open up with senior colleagues, get purposeful feedback on their potential career entry point, and guidance towards the next steps in their education.

The Windsor Boys School - Apprenticeships


Year 12 – The Career Ready Programme

In 2014 TWBS signed up to become a member of the Career Ready programme and our first cohort of boys are already seeing the benefits of being a part of this exciting careers opportunity.

The structured programme of internships, mentoring by employer volunteers, masterclasses and workplace visits  provides our boys with the work experience and skills they need to be able to perform more effectively in the wider world.

The Windsor Boys School - Career Ready

Year 13 – University, Apprenticeships, Employment?

Young people have more choices when they leave school these days and at TWBS our aim is to help our boys make informed choices by giving them information, guidance and support at this crucial time in their lives.

In year 13 students are supported through the university application process. This can be quite daunting and we are fortunate to have members of staff within sixth form with a wealth of knowledge and they help the boys navigate their way through the process. From selecting the right university and their course, through to writing personal statements - staff at TWBS support all pupils considering the Higher Education route.

For some of our boys we recognise that going to university might not be the right path for them and we work with these boys to help them identify their next steps.  Apprenticeships are a fantastic next step and we have visits from large corporates, such as IBM, who speak to our boys about the apprenticeship route.

In addition we take students to the Berkshire Apprenticeship Fair where they have the opportunity to meet with employers who are offering apprenticeships in a wide range of industries. The Heathrow Jobs Fair is another event our boys attend and this provides those boys looking to gain employment at the end of year 13 with some useful contacts and potential job opportunities.

Throughout the year there are a number of important dates and we keep boys informed of the following: Careers Fairs, University Open Days, UCAS Applications and Deadlines.

The Windsor Boys School - UCAS                The Windsor Boys School - National Careers Service

News and Careers related activities

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