Admission Policy for The Windsor Boys' School

The Windsor Boys’ School is a 13-18 comprehensive school for boys. We aim to provide for the needs of young people aged 13 to 18 to enable them to fulfil their potential and become responsible citizens of the future.

Admissions to The Windsor Boys’ School fall into three categories:

1. Admission at the start of Year 9
2. Admission during Years 9 10 and 11
3. Admission to Years 12 and 13

Admission at the start of Year 9

The policy for admissions at the start of Year 9 is formulated by Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.

Full details of how the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead admissions procedure works can be found at or contact:
School Admissions
Town Hall
St Ives Road
Tel.:  01628 683870

Maps showing the designated appropriate areas of Windsor & Maidenhead Schools are available on the RBWM website and in the Borough’s main libraries. For Windsor Boys’ School, it consists of Windsor, Old Windsor and Eton.

Pupils will be admitted to TWBS at the age of 13+ without reference to ability or aptitude (unless applying through the Specialist Arts College category) using the criteria below. The admission number for September 2014 will be 230 for Year 9.

RBWM makes its decisions about admission to a school in the following order of priority :-

A child who is the subject of a statement of special educational need will be admitted to the school named in his or her statement.

  1. Children in care. This category includes a „looked after child‟ or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order.
  2. Children with exceptional medical or social reasons for requiring the school.
  3. Children who live in the „designate appropriate area‟ of the school and who have siblings who attend this school.
  4. Children who live in the „designated appropriate area‟ of the school.
  5. Children selected according to their aptitude for performing arts (to a maximum of 10% of their new intake).*
  6. Children who would have a sibling of compulsory school age who attends the school.
  7. Children who attend a primary, first or middle school that is formally linked with the preferred secondary, middle or upper school.
  8. Individual preference for coeducational or single-sex educational reasons where the alternative in the local area is single sex or co-educational respectively
  9. All other applicants

If a school does not have places for all the children in a particular category, RBWM applies tiebreakers to prioritise places. There are two tiebreakers, shown below:

Tiebreaker 1: This applies to Windsor’s Middle and Upper schools only. For other schools, go straight to Tiebreaker 2

When considering applications for places in Windsor schools in category 7 priority will be decided by the continuous length of attendance at Windsor first and middle school(s). For this purpose Datchet St Mary‟s and Wraysbury Primary schools are included as feeders as well as feeding Churchmead School. This takes effect only if there are insufficient places available for all applicants within category 7. When considering the length of time in the Windsor system, all children who start their statutory age schooling at a Windsor, Datchet or Wraysbury school will be treated as having started school on the same date. This would be the latest time that all children, regardless of date of birth, should have commenced full time education, which will be September in National Curriculum Year 1. Continuous length of attendance will be measured in months. Attendance at a nursery will not be taken into consideration. If it is still not possible to choose, places will be allocated on the basis of geographical proximity as in tiebreaker 2 below.

Tiebreaker 2: Proximity to the school. This will be measured in a straight line from the address point of the pupil‟s house as determined by Ordnance Survey to the address point of the school using the local authority‟s GIS system. In the event that two or more children live at the same distance from the school (for example families living in flats) and there are fewer places available then random allocation will be used to decide which child will be allocated the remaining place(s). The names will be drawn and the whole process scrutinised by persons who are independent of the authority.

If you are not offered a place at Windsor Boys’ School you have the right to appeal to an independent panel. Applicants are given details of how to appeal in a letter and when the closing date is. Please ensure that these are completed and returned to the Clerk to the Appeal Panel at RBWM. The closing date on the appeal application form must be adhered to. If you are in any doubt please contact RBWM and request an appeal form and further details.

* When selecting up to 10% of their new intake by aptitude in the performing arts, The Windsor Boys’ School will consider applicants who can provide evidence of some or all of the following:

  • Frequent selection for performance by a performing arts company or organisation;
  • Consistent and frequent attendance at community and school performing arts activities;
  • Confirmation of the applicants’ aptitude from an accredited expert in the field of performing arts;
  • Certificated evidence of rapid improvement in performing arts skills.

It is conditional that any pupils admitted under this category will take a leading part in the artistic life of the school.

Evidence must be submitted by completion of the supplementary information form available on request from the school and returned to the school at the time of application. This procedure is essential for consideration for entry under this rule. The Windsor Boys‟ School must also be named on the Common Application Form.

Admission during Years 9 10 and 11

In-year admissions will be dealt with in accordance with the criteria in the Admissions Policy. The Local Authority will administer these applications as part of the Coordinated Admissions Scheme. Full details can be found in the “Guide to In-Year Admissions” which can be found on the RBWM website, see above.

Entrance to Years 12 and 13

Admissions to Year 12 and 13 are dealt with by the school. Full details can be obtained by contacting the Sixth Form Office at the school.

Policy Reviewed by: Mrs C Newcombe
Updated: September 2013
To be reviewed: September 2014

To download the In-Year Transfer Application Form, please use the link below:
TWBS In-Year Transfer Application Form

You can download a copy of the policy on our School Policies page here

Catchment area \ feeder schools and age of entry

Details on the schools catchment area, feeder schools, age of entry and key dates can be found in our admissions policy on the School Policies page here.

You can also download a copy of the current catchment area map from The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead website here

The Windsor Boys School - Catchment Area